Our methodic

Before starting intensive exercises with a pupil, firstly, we evaluate his level of skills by using Gibsons Test, which shows us the weak cognitive skills. After receiving the results, we prepare individual and intensive program, which helps to quickly solve problems and achieve goals.

The methodic of our teaching consists of exercises for strengthening basic cognitive skills (attention, memory, information processing speed and etc.). These have the impact for learning and its results. During the training sessions child is learning the different techniques that help to memorize and remove imperfections quicker. Unquestionably, pupils can apply these methodics at school or in other daily situations.

When the results are improving, gradually, more complex and intensive exercises are given. The program is constantly adjusted and students keep being motivated.

Teaching program for developing brain skills

We must know your or your family skills level to prepare an appropriate program for skills development. We use evaluation of skills or Gibson test for this and prepare individual program based on the results of this test. In addition, this test helps to select learning subjects or even the future profession in upper classes.

Schools testing

Our centre gives the opportunity to determine weaknesses of skills in the early stage for schools and its pupils or students. The Gibsons Test appears to be extremely useful, as later we create a program that helps solving all the problems that arise in learning because of a weak skills.

Our exercises

People attend “Brain Gym” centre with a hope to help themseelves and their children. Intensive exercises are suitable for pupils or students who learn with difficulties, but want to become successful. Ambitious students gain competitive advantages and mature raises of their possibilities at work.

Our study is based on the following:

After several weeks of individual “Brain Gym” program sessions with qualified coach, changes in child behavior become visible. Besides, individual teaching is a real communication possibility, which is very important in our lives. There are exercises, which help pupils of various education and age.

“Brain Rx” program teaching results

The results show rather strengthened skills almost of everyone who does the systemic developing program. In addition, it is visible that some pupils have their IQ raised at least 15 points.

The Gibson test results show, that clients, who do the “BrainRX” program longer than a year, have their skills averagely increased to 96 per cent. Results are estimated in percentiles (it estimates groups with 100 people on hypothetic rate; if people range according test results is 25 in percentile, then this would mean that he or she gets the same or better than 25 per cent of other his or her age students, who did this test).

This program really works